Mr. Richard Prempeh

Richard Prempeh is the CEO of Village Communications. A seasoned veteran with over 25 years of audio visual production under his belt he has made an indelible mark on audio visual production in Ghana. After forming Village Communications in 1995 he proceeded to make the company’s presence felt with such pioneering productions as ‘Taxi Driver and Games People Play. These two series became the benchmark for all subsequent TV series productions in the country. His passion is making documentaries and he has built Village into one of the best documentary producers in Ghana. Two of his documentaries of note are Visual Arts Ghana and The Hidden Heritage.

Angelo Prempeh

Angelo Prempeh is the Technical/Creative Director overseeing various aspects of each production. His education in Spain and extensive work experience in Ghana gives him a fresh perspective on all our productions.

Prince Duah Prempeh

Prince is a Managing Partner at Village Communications, which is fancy way of saying that he wears a different hat at any given moment of the day. If Prince isn’t managing sales and day-to-day operations, you´ll find him reading a book, taking long walks. He has a solid background in online marketing and almost anything...