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This is a project that hopes to inform viewers of the role visual arts play in the development of Ghana. ARTS form part of our well being and development as individuals and as a nation. Unfortunately, many people today do not appreciate nor understand the essence of artistry and as a result very few Ghanaian...
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Village Communications Ltd from 2004 has worked together with the Department of Urban Roads on several projects including · Filming And Documentary Of Completion And Inauguration Of Fufulso-Sawla Road and Community Development Project · Awoshie- Pokuase Road And Community Development Project Documentary on the construction of the 15 km road with secondary roads and key...
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Taxi drivers was a situation comedy that aimed at tracking the lives of ordinary people in society. It however focuses on TT, the sharp-witted and savvy taxi driver through whom the stories of many of his passengers were shared. Most of the times, he had to save the situation but he also had problems of...
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Games People play is a drama which revolves around a matriarch Ma Getty and her four grown up daughters. It is set in Accra and tries to depict the life style of the Ghanaian upper middle class. Games people play gives us an insight into how people weave intricate webs around themselves and each other...
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A Two set documentary evaluating and creating the awareness on the role of GETFUND and its Finance Activities across the 10 regions of Ghana
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‘Ghana in Focus’ was a concept developed by Village Communications to showcase the development projects within the various districts in Ghana.
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Village has worked closely with the PSI-Distance Learning Secretariat in educating both the children at school and the less fortunate in English Language for JSS 1, 2, 3 on television. Currently we are telecasting SSS 1 Chemistry lessons. SSS 2 Chemistry is under production and soon to be aired.
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